My First NFT

Welcome to Phenomenally!

This website has been in the works for a long time. I hope to truly unveil what Phenomenally is all about in January of 2022.

Our main goal with Phenomenally is to help EVERYONE realize their full potential and live a phenomenal life, but I will get into that later.

Today I purchased my first NFT (non-fungible token), and was so excited about the whole process that I wanted to share my experience!

The crypto world is perpetually growing and refining itself everyday, and now we have a new area of growth ready to explode: the world of NFTs. Honestly, the whole idea of cryptocurrency and digital art work is still somewhat of a foreign concept to me. I have always been a fan of having cash in my hand and roaming the halls of a physical art museum. BUT, the world is an ever changing place – as it should be – so I have decided to see what makes the NFT experience so fun. Well, let me tell you!

Last week I learned about a new artist that released her very first NFT collection which sold out in the SAME DAY!

Why in the world would 10,000 pieces of an NFT collection sell out the first day that they were released? My curiosity was insatiable. I absolutely had to learn more.

Her name is Sara Baumann and she is an extraordinary young lady. My husband actually went to college with her. Sara has long had a ferocious passion and dedication to her artwork for many years now. I know from personal experience that she is extremely creative and hardworking. Sara has drive and determination like no one else. So what makes her Women and Weapons collection as amazing as she is?

This NFT collection was based on Sara’s physical Women and Weapons artwork that she developed earlier this year. I dove headfirst into the WaW website, WaW twitter, her Instagrams, and followed her personal twitter. After looking at everything that she has developed, I realized that she is doing something truly unique. Her pieces represent a powerful metaphor. As a mom with a young daughter, seeing this collection flourish brings me so much hope. I can see why @Garyvee has taken interest in her and in this project. Sara, also, is advocating for the idea that we all deserve to live phenomenally.

So, I took the leap and purchased one! And I absolutely love it! I love the whole concept… the art, the idea, the community behind it, and I absolutely love the artist.

I felt it only necessary to dedicate my first post to Sara and the WaW NFT collection.

Take a look at her website linked above to see what she is all about. I also suggest you purchase an NFT. I believe there is a strong future here. You can purchase WaW NFTs through OpenSea or Nifty Gateway.